Here you can download to your computer:

  • freeware geocaching application for android >> link
  • *.gwc files of exsisting / hidden wherigo geocaches in Croatia >> link
  • software for managing your own pocket querries or *.gpx files >> link
  • software Fizzy calculator for conversion gps coordinates to various formates >> link
  • offline free maps for navigation that works toghether with geocaching android applications >> link
  • ZET map of public transport in Zagreb - author: ivan_r >> link
  • application Logbook factory for making your own logsheets >> link
  • official notification on croatian language that something is official geocache >> link

All of the material listed here are freeware avaible to everyone on the Internet, and can be used and downloaded to your computer without breaking author rules. Every peace of material are changable if newer software appers or author rules change.

Geocaching android applications:

c:geo (version 2020. 07. 02.)

c:geo c:geo screenshot c:geo QR code

c:geo is the best open source android application for geocaching. It supports loading of offline navigation maps and premade gpx files.

Download c:geo


WhereYouGo WhereYouGo screenshot WhereYouGo QR code

WhereYouGo is application that is loading *.gwc files and with it you can solve wherigo type of geocache.

Download WhereYouGo

GWC files of wherigo geocaches in Croatia:

Application for managing gpx files:

EasyGPS EasyGPS screenshot

EasyGPS is software that is used when you are uploading your gpx files to your GPS device. We must say that software doesn't recognize every GPS device.

Download EasyGPS

Application for conversion various gps coordinates:


Fizzy calculator screenshot

FizzyCalc is application that can convert various gps coordinates from one format to another. Beside that basic function this application offers many other possibilities.

Download Fizzy calculator

Offline maps with POI elements:

All other maps of other countries you can download from this link

ZET map of public transport in Zagreb:

This map can greatly help you if you use public tranport in Zagreb no matter if you are geocaching or doing something else. Map contains all buss and tram lines in Zagreb so you can easily know what number of veichle you need to go somewhere.

Logbook factroy - application for making logsheets:

Logbook factory

Logbook factory is an applicaton for making your own home made logsheets on quick and easy way. By selecting few fields and modifing some parameters you are quickly making your own logsheet and you can add your own logotype and notification about geocaching.
More information about this application read on official page.

Download Logbook factory

Official notification that this is official geocache:

This peace of paper you leave in you geocache container so that muggles would know what is it about. Geocaching Maps Geocaching Hrvatska Forum hrvatskih geocachera Geocaching video Printabilni logsheetovi Geocaching leksikon Statistički pokazatelji Rang lista hrvatskih geocachera Offline karte za download Pathtags - stvarni suveniri Logiranje pratećih oznaka



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