Geocaching team - Matko & Maja Jelkić

Geocaching tim - Matko & Maja

We are two young people who have found their interest, as a hobby and a kind of relaxation, in the activity called Geocaching. As we both love long walks and spending time in nature or just outdoors, Geocaching was the perfect kind of relaxation for us.

As a basic member of the Geocaching community we were registered on 10th of July 2010 when we red about it in our local magazine Bug. This activity has already existed in the world for 10 years and we have decided to promote it to our local community where we come from. Maja is from Valpovo and myself from Bistrinci.

City Belišće is a place between the above locations, and we started writing and publishing articles on the website of the Local Committee Belišće. As we have gained experience about reading news and articles from the world of Geocaching, we have informed about it our local public. Seeking and hiding geocaches we have also gained experience in the field. As we have gotten familiarized with Geocaching and Opencaching we have presented it to others through natural, historical and urban values ​​of our region, especially in Slavonija and Baranja.

In 2014. our team got bigger when our son Matej was born. With his geocaching name matej14 he is regulary participant in our geocaching searches when we are visiting various interesting locations.

Matko Jelkić osobne informacije

Matko Jelkić

  • Year of birth: 1984.
  • Residence: Bistrinci
  • E-mail: matkojelkic(at)
  • Web:
  • Profession: Magister Bachelor of Economics; Web designer


  • Geocaching
  • Digital photography and its processing
  • Computer hardware and software

Member of the Association Geocaching Hrvatska

Member of the Association for Culture and Art "ZUM" Belišće

Maja (Cvenić) Jelkić osobne informacije

Maja Jelkić

  • Year of birth: 1985.
  • Residence: Bistrinci
  • Profession: Magister Bachelor of Pysichs


Member of Association Geocaching Hrvatska

Our geocaching seals - Geocaching team - Matko & Maja

Member of Mensa Croatia

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